Martha Jeffrey Galuszka

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 Cactaceae Rosea Alfadale Bales
Red Rock Garden Stairway to the Gods

Stairway to the Gods

Stairway to the Gods

Linocut reduction  (Edition: 20)

7 x 10 in.

$150  (framed)

This is the second image in a series of prints from photographs made in New Mexico, at the Puyé cliffs on the Santa Clara reservation. There were many trails up to ladders like this that allowed you to climb up and into caves and explore the rock wall dwellings. You would end up on top of the mesa where they eventually built multi-level homes from stone and adobe.

This print required 1 block and 9 graduated gray inks in a reduction progression.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase artwork — 860-930-5491.