Martha Jeffrey Galuszka

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 Cactaceae Rosea Alfadale Bales
Red Rock Garden Stairway to the Gods

Red Rock Garden

Red Rock Garden

Reduction linocut  (Edition: 16)

12 x 12 in.

$175  (framed)

Cactus grows in surprising places. My other print, Cactaceae Rosea, was done from a photo from New Mexico, where one expects to find cactus in a desert. This Red Rock Garden is from Oklahoma, where it grows among the formations that absorb and reflect the heat it loves, and provides a bit of color against the red rocks that helped to give Oklahoma its name. It wasn't flowering time for this group but they would have been yellow.

This print required 3 blocks and 7 colors in a reduction progression.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase artwork — 860-930-5491.