Martha Jeffrey Galuszka

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Black Gold I and II Breaking the Rules
Chasing Echoes Dreams and Visions
Dunes on the Move Frosty Morning
Hot Lava It Depends On Where You Stand
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Chasing Echoes

Chasing Echoes

Encaustic on wood panel

32" x 16"


This is a "figment of the imagination" image. It evolved from looking at a lot of landscape pictures, photographs and sketches, and then letting the wax colors do some of their own thing. There are at least a dozen layers of colored wax built up on the wood panel, and then I carved down through the layers for the 'straight' lines, letting some of the lower wax to melt up into the upper layers as I manipulated it into position. At times I would have to stop and let it cool for awhile so it wouldn't melt too far. There is nothing else like working with melted wax... a challenge and inspiration at the same time.

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